haha Radicals is having a blog. Mostly maintained by Peter, who will probably more often than not write about other people’s music, comics, language, and images.

For now, though, swim in the pools of personalities that each haha Radical must be in order to enjoy this ride. Three are committed.



Josh Glenn is a local singer, songwriter, and barista. Virtuosically digressive or painfully sincere, his voice or his rhythms will move you. At least, that’s how his bandmate feels about him.





Peter Hensel was interviewed by the same lady. More would be said about Peter, but he is also the author of this speech. He is the author of many speeches, delivered through masks, mediums, or rituals.




A third joins the band on stage, Samuel Velazquez, of the Acronyms, who drums. He has a good heart. It always bounces to a rhythm his body manifests.

For the second interview, three videos were taken of the band.

One is a cover of Gangsta’s Paradise:

The second video is either a medley of an old Josh Glenn song with a new Peter Hensel song, or a new haha Radical song: 

The third video includes many technical difficulties, and, while sometimes notable, the performing artists would prefer to keep the third video a treat for the intrepid instead of a sample for the masses. It’s called “I am who i am (with technical difficulties)”.

Together, and that’s an inclusive, prospectively expanding together, we are haha Radicals.

A brief discussion of Swamp Thing comics both old and new will most likely follow. Or perhaps an article on the various genres of rap these days. Stay tuned for the construction of our tower of babble.