but in the meantime of your meantime, here’s two mixes by Peter made for no particular reason.

Right now the first is a bunch of individual tracks, and the second one is one long continuous mix. Also note that I own no rights to the songs or images used in this post, and if the owner wishes me to take them down, please e-mail haharadical@gmail.com and the matter will be quickly sorted out.

Here are tracklists:

Transmissions from the Satellite Heart vol. 1:

“You, Yes You”: tuneyards, W H O K I L L.

“Brosse a Danse”: Naing Naing, Toothbrush Fever

“I Hear a a New World”: Joe Meeks

Satellite of Love”: Lou Reed, Transformer

“Come on Riding”: DJ Shadow, I’m Excited

“Zodiac Shit”: Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma

“This Shit Real Nigga”: Terius Nash, 1977

“Love Will Make a Better You”: Love Live Life +1, Love Will Make a Better You

“I Like  Da Girlz”: Riot !n Paris, Weekend at Kenny’s

“Ego Trip”: Blackalicious (featuring Nikki Giovanni): Nia

“Problems With the Sun”: Nicolas Jaar, Space is Only Noise

“Wipe That Sound”: Modest Mouse, Radical Connectors

“Cosmic Slop”: Funkadelic, Cosmic Slop

“Chewin On the Apple in Your Eye”: The Flaming Lips, Clouds Taste Metallic

“Dream Lover”: Bobby Darin

“Daddy Gonna Tell You No Lies”: Sun Ra and the Cosmic Echoes

“Round About Midnight”: Thelonious Monk

and the mediafire link. Again, this is a .zip that you’ll have to uncompress of untitled tracks. It leaves a little mystery to the listen, eh?

And the tracklist for Transmissions from the Satellite Heart vol. 2:

“Tundra”: Modest Mouse, This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think

“Hafar Gabrak Bidi” [I Will Dig Your Grave, an electrified Arabian folk song often performed at weddings]: Omar Suleyman, Jazeera Nights

“H.”: Tool, Aenima

“Golden Diva”: Flying Lotus, Los Angeles

“Asphalt (Tome II)”: DJ Spooky, Optometry

“Moonshake”: CAN, Future Days

“When Your Lover Has Gone”: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, A Night in Tunisia

“Fickle Cycle”: Animal Collective, Grass

“Let’s Dance the Jet”: Deerhoof, Deerhoof Vs. Evil

“What’s Goin’ On?”: Marvin Gaye, What’s Goin’ On?

“Modern Marvel”: Mos Def, The New Danger

and the mediefire link to one big mp3 of the mix.