A mix I made on my birthday during some downtime, as a thank you. Drizzled out a bit late (within a link-requiring daze), but, hey, i’m super proud of this shit! does it feel like there are two twenty minute plus jams on here!?!

and is it that bad a thing if it does!?!?!?

click here to stream it.

If anyone knows how to embed that specific player using wordpress’ interface, I will write (and record) a poem about your compassion, and easily embed it on this site.

More songs will be uploaded to the haharadical soundcloud in the near future. As always, I’ll probably make some noise over here when I do something.

hope you listen to it and like it!


“Status Back Baby”: Frank Zappa (who shares my birthday) and the Mothers of Invention from ABSOLUTELY FREE
“Build Me a Woman”: The Doors ABSOLUTELY LIVE
“In the Cradle”: Yelawolf from CREEK WATER
“Yoo Doo Right”: CAN from MONSTER MOVIE
“All That Money Wants”: Psychedelic Furs from ALL THIS AND NOTHING
“Live Alone”: LCD Soundsystem covering Franz Ferdinand
“Disco Balls”: Flying Lotus from HYPERSTEP: 5 YEARS OF DUBSTEP
“Soul Everyday”: Yelawolf from CREEK WATER
“Summertime”: a Sam Cooke single
“Oh Darling”: Kamil Stoihava (a large and blonde Norwegian pop/blues singer who toured as Jesus Christ in a European stage show of Jesus Christ Superstar) covering the Beatles
“Oh So Protective One”: Girls from BROKEN HEARTS CLUB
“Oh Lord dont let em drop that bomb on me!”: Charles Mingus from OH YEAH!
“No Love”: Eminem feat. Lil Wayne produced by Just Blaze from Eminem’s album RECOVERY
“Impossible Soul”: Sufjan Stevens from Age of Adz

The image used for the mix is a picture of a Banksy piece on the Wall of Gaza.


oh yea, and, smurfyea! haha Radicals now has a reverbnation! Become our fan! it’s kind of lonely right now, and we’re fine rockin solitary sets, but songs always sound better with forty people clapping along to em, you know?

click the hizzere.

There is also download capabilities of four haha radicals track, two being live recordings from Josh’s friend’s dad’s house’s living room (so much possession you’d think we were under ghost protocol), love song (without a barrier) and that specific time’s performance of gangsta’s paradise. we also put up haha, radical #1 (our first track in a series of live-ish improvisational compositions which has already inspired verses from a song just a couple clicks away from being chiseled into a beautiful marble statue that will invade your brain rough, raw, and earstyle!


ps the swamp thing post is taking a lot longer. expect another post about an obscure and briefly famous mini-series published when Marvel had balls instead of Disney-provided wages. In case the suspense is killing you, I mean this beautiful series: