Kevin Eastman (of the underground comics hit teenage mutant ninja turtles that was taken out of the gutter for a very successful children’s animation cartoon) produces the absent epic of that time period. Furiously conceived and finally manifested with the painting of SImon Bisley over layouts of Eric Talbot, one couldn’t ask for a more lucid realization of a vision.

The orcs clash with a gruesome more terrifying (although less funny and mischievous) than James Stokoe’s Orc Stain, and elaborate and fantastic rhythms inform the design of each page. Literally, each one is a vision of hell, scrawled with pastel and dusted with ash.

Highly recommended, and the vision of a future world where all individual characteristics such as race cease to matter, and only violence remains, seems a fine warning against the neglect of history as emphasizing competition and victory.

Zeek and Odin, observers and potential friends to all, remain the only ones unscathed in the inferno because they remain observors. If only the rest of the world could be so content.