is now officially available for streaming and download at our bandcamp. Kieltyka did the beat, and I did the words. Expect a more sculpted recording and version to arrive on some forthcoming release, but, for now, listen to the demo if you want.

In other music related news, ptr doesn’t really want to do a best of list for recorded music, but expect a new mix as well as some writing on stellar local music soon.

And if you’re itchin to see the haha Radicals perform again (finally! with christmas toys!) this weekend is your lucky time: Expect a set during Josh Glenn’s open mic at Local Coffee this Friday. The mic opens up at  7 PM and we’ll perform as ghosts of the twilight haunting the darkness. (8 30ish). Bring your own talent and perform, too!

Also this Saturday is Peter and Josh’s Starbuck’s first saturday event (at Joliet and Broadway, near the Austin Highway intersection), where we showcase a local artist (perhaps Andrea Puentes) while performing covers, jams, and art (but never songs) out on the piano. Expect the rhythms to move you from 6 30-9.

Both are good times to get down and get around.

New, studio sculpted and recorded, audio will arrive in the near future. Fret not, fans of detail.