So, in case you didn’t know, I designed a volunteer online correspondence course in radicalhoodlummery, or how to ecstatically be, and am now starting to do its assignments. The haikus, of course, are daily assignments, the haha radical releases are biweekly assignments (#3’s already in the can (but has yet to be opened)! check here for #1 and #2!). There are more haikus to transcribe to the scroll, but there is more afoot.

You can check the syllabus here. It’s also up top. One need not read the entire list (oh, and if any partial credit is desired, any enthusiastic pupil could borrow books from the reading list from me).

Anyways, I’m knee deep in Ursula K leGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, a delightfully Homeric narrative that may end up being an extended hospitality scene, but, hey, that’s for later. I’ve also almost finished the Swamp Thing run on the list, Grant Morrison’s and Mark Millar’s (with extra curricular handouts from Grant Morrison’s Supergods explaining its division of labor that I’ll bring up, of course). It’s really an inspiring revision and embellishment of what made Alan Moore’s changes to the character interesting. As par for the course, they dehumanize our hero even further, and with the spectacular feats he can accomplish, the human seems less tempting than the natural.

Of course, other topics will be of more general interest, like American Language in the 70s or Vampires, Burial, and Death. We’re just easing into the semester, you know?