so, in case you’re not aware, im currently taking this course that i myself am also teaching. I’ve posted some chatter before, but have mostly been hush hush about it. the first assignments are almost due (besides the haikus, of course), and here’s another check in.

im more than halfway through the left hand of darkness, and as the character travels across the planet it just gets more rich, its place as an epic becoming more assured. Besides beautiful moments of prose, it’s also incredibly dense, and I’m sure that there are characters whose arcs I’m missing, but their cryptic and abstract references through the story almost reinforce its theme of ignorance as beautiful oblivion. By giving us a cache of names to forget the primary quest stands as a more intense quest for individualistic identity amongst competing feeds of information.

Like most great books, it turns the act of finding its own story into its own reward, and has plenty of reward for diligence.

Speaking of diligence, the first assignment for the class, a paper on Millar and Morrison’s Swamp Thing run, is scans and paragraphs from completion. I’m glad I tracked down the floppies for it.

in the meantime, enjoy this beyonce video of her practicing 1+1 in a dressing room for American idol. Jay-Z acts as journalist or director: