so ive been keeping up pretty well with my readings this semester. Im two thirds through the Left Hand of Darkness, and entranced by the complexities of a simple light’s reflection. More on that crystal in a bit.

I also finished Flex Mentallo and am working on its assignment. Expect that to come veeerrrrrrrry shortly. Suffice it to say, the last issue was published two weeks before Swamp Thing, and I think I found Grant Morrison on the phone with Mark Millar capturing his hallucinations within that comic. As always, time will reveal more.

I’ve also started to write a haibun inspired by the mesmerizing Basho and his travelogues. My haibun will be a travelogue through a notebook. I’ll post some haikus from it (and may even reach into my archive for the story itself for the beauty that returns), and, you know I wont be able to keep it to myself when it’s done.

I, I, I, I, I.

thanks for reading.