and it looks so stupendous, especially when everything surrounding it is black:

and, yes, i tried to make the font color match my jacket color. What is design with constraints?

It’s gonna be in my hands and sellable by march 17th. Concurrent, and different, digital release will drop on the same day.

click below for the back cover’s text.

A boy and his droid story, but told from the droid’s point of view. And, hooey, does this boy have high expectations of his droid. Finding a powerful alien superprocessor in a corporation’s surveillance camera, The Dude In The Brightly Colored Shorts secretly reprograms the droids for his own goals which may or may not include the salvation of Earth as we know it. It’s hard to trust a virgin pimp reverend with virtuosic computer programming skills on a mission for the algorithm of free will. Especially when he would rather remain the shadows of everyone’s narratives.