coursework has almost completely been dropped. I mean, part of it is excuses: I’m reading a Galactus mini-series, and just found out that the end of Silver Surfer’s ongoing series leads directly into that makes me want to buy a couple more comics so I can get the whole story.

Plus I’m working a new job, but still can’t quite quit the old one, and you have one tired Peter. One who just finished his first novel and is quickly doing some revisions and rewrites! Seriously, this thing may come by March 3rd!

I also am going to be editing a zine, and just wrote the first column for it! It’s called “The Wake of the Cape”, and it’s a personal comic collector’s oral history of the Superhero. Hopefully it won’t be short lived!

A couple comic reviews after the jump, recent Venom and indie superhero comics

Venom 10-12 by Rick Rememder and Lan Medina:
Incredibly, incredibly surprised by how good these comics are. I’m not much of a Venom fan in general. Cool design, but terrible execution excessively repeated turned Venom into a bland character. Thankfully, this comic follows the wounded vet (and number one spiderman fan, as well as high school bully of Peter Parker!) named Flash Thompson instead of the uninterestingly brawny Eddie Brock, who used to wear the suit. Employed by the military to go on covert missions with the venom symbiote, which allows him the chance to walk for the first time in decades, these comics pick up right after last issue’s cliffhanger of his father’s death from his liver’s cirrhosis.

Before the funeral’s over, and with some polite gangster intrigue, it’s the dark side of Spider-man’s Rogue’s Gallery doing the honors. And, seriously, Jack O’Lantern has never been more menacing than here. Saying that he wants to kill all the old Jack O’Lanterns too silly to bear his name, he ruthlessly manipulates others with his language, and strikes a mean pose across his broomstick in the sky.

So, Flash Thompson himself bonds with the symbiote permanently, and goes AWOL right after saying all of New York CIty from an infected Captain America. Great setup for a story that I hope actually gets written about his redemption. He’s trying so hard to do the right thing.

Please, Marvel, let Venom become a hero. Just once.

Last of the Greats 1-3 by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Brett Peeples, and Mirka Andolfo

And, again, my optimism has the better of me. Here, we have a superhero comic of a world where seven used to rule, and then humanity got jealous when they tried to take away their weapons. So they killed their saviors. (Yea, there is no more explanation given than that). And now the last of the greats has absorbed all their energy, becoming omnipotent, and he has constructed an alien invasion which he is saving the world from.

On this level, it basically reads like Watchmen, but with Ozymandias’ plan succeeding, and us reading about what happens after Rorschach dies and Owlman becomes irrelevant, when the entire world just spends its time watching Doctor Manhattan battle aliens. Except instead of earnestly wishing for peace, as Ozymandias does, this architect wants to rule the world for vague, unexplained reasons.

He also spends the third issue sleeping with Oprah and shape-changing through physical mutilation, while still not talking about his ulterior plans at all.

I really hope it’s because he wants to save the world, but he’s just an asshole. Either way, I’m in it for at least the two other issues. Any comic where Oprah sleeps with a seven foot tall superhero is good enough for me.


More pellet reviews to come. Also, more long reviews and writings to come.