in haha, Radical’s series of process-experimental works. This one is called “Don’t Hide”. Rebecca Reinhardt took the photo below a while ago of me and Ronald Ray Gun Bassist Philip Repsher. It was us during Joose’s last halloween while we  tried to round up Team Awesome. We definitely succeeded. In the spirit of that day, it promotes “Don’t Hide”, the newest couch-rap single from the hip hop proto-doom synth, sampledelic jazztronic producer/poet ptr.

The latest edition finds Peter flowing on a couch with his DL 4 (and, thus, loops of his own voice) keeping him company. It gets apocalyptic, especially with the musty production culling samples from Charles Mingus’ Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. All the lyrics were written, and then recorded, on a couch. ptr feels this is worthwhile knowledge to have while listening to it.

Check out the lyrics and download it over at the ol’ bandcamp! click here, or on the image above, for a link! Also, check below for a list with hyperlinks and descriptions:

#-1: Love Song (Without a Barrier): Live from Josh’s Living Room!
#0: Gangsta’s Paradise: a Cover Live from Josh’s Living Room!

#1: That Spell That We Perform When We’re Together: Live on top of Peter’s comic collection with plenty of unrehearsed overdubs
#2: Sayin Goodnight (one take demo): an illicit one take recording of a song ptr wrote minutes before for a joesnackpack beat. The radio station’s host came in after and politely asked me to leave.
#3 DELUXE edition: That night peter read our fortunes: an edited collection of live footage taken from Josh’s Living room. Several of the song’s feature paired down lineups as I read one member’s fortune, leaving the rest to jam.
#4: Gangsta’s Alarm Clock: Peter flowing(ish) and sam layin down a beat.
#5: We Are Who We Are (Even When We’re Wasted): a recording of one of our forthcoming full length’s song that was done when drunk, and which is missing lots of parts, as well as being poorly performed. Guaranteed you won’t notice that while listening, though.