Listen to it and download it here! Or click the pic below!

It’s me rapping on top of someone else’s track (well, okay, we kiiinda did that with haha, Radical #2, but that was a friend’s beat that he sent me, instead of some music form the aether. Plus it has me repurposing lyrics coyly referring to an album release party (among many other delicious ambiguities, which my versification eliminates).

The track underneath is Emily Wells’ tenth (and, so far, final) symphony, “can this really be the end?”

The image used is a biblical herald of the apocalypse. Check the bandcamp link for some information on the origins of this stained glass window, as well as eighteenth century theologist Emanuel Swedenborg’s interpretation of its meaning. Well, it’s at least the interpretation of his interpretation, because he did write in Latin.

Regardless if you’re into research or not, thanks for listening!