listen to a new tune, “pleeeeeaaaasssse” at the haha, Radical tumblr. Also got another one popping up over there instantaneously, “Dancing Girl, Mary [Late Nite Decree 113]. Written after the last lonely J this poet has entertained as entertaining.

Gonna post up my radio show soon on the tumblr, too. Stay peeled, y’all. 

About more comic blogging, it’s been a little bit since I’ve been offwork with time to scan some images (which is soooo important! Seriously, the only hits I get outside of regular readers are people image searching for Banksy pieces or flashes of Neal Adams’ Batman. I guess my Beyonce retrospective doesn’t show up early enough in the list to really make a dent there, but the point remains: this is an image based blog).

So I just have to say that I absolutely cannot wait to get a scanner so I can talk about this comic series, “War is Hell”, of a fallen soldier doomed to possess another soldier’s body at the time of their death to right a wrong in their life. I’m also pretty excited about this wild and cosmic “Super Team Family” issue, 15, that has Metron and Flash investigating a spandex sporting corpse floating in space that happens to be twice as big as Earth, and on a collision course. Oh yea, and this Black Panther comic where Klu Klux Klan members crucify the African king.

This is all besides my coursework, of course. Right now I’m finally getting a chunk of some silver surfer comics where he plays messiah for an intergalactic church that ends up exploiting his image (and leading into the six issue Galactus mini-series on my course’s syllabus.