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Dull Knife: The Milkshakes [Billy Childish Sampler]
Alpha Beta Gaga [Mark Ronson rmx ft. RHYMEFEST): Air [Surfin on a Rocket EP]
Ego Trippin: Nikki Giovanni and Chief Xcel/Blackalicious [NIA]
Hiccups: Ryu Konaka [Japan Nite Sound SXSW Sampler 1997]
Bootsy Collins: Rather Be With You [Stretchin Out In a Rubber Band]
Yea Baby: Heavy Trash [s/t]
Funkadelic: Cosmic Slop [live from Hardcore Jollies]
Bill Withers: Use Me [Live from Carnegie Hall]
Emily Wells: Take It Easy, San Francisco [Juicy]
John Legend: Ordinary People [Get Lifted]
Yo La Tengo: Here To Fall [Popular Songs]
Radiohead: All I Need [in Rainbows]