got some up at the tumblr, of course, but click below for a full set of photos from me and Josh performing together at Gioia hair salon’s Art Party! It went down March 17th, was also the debut of the novel, and had many, many stellar works of art debuted, constructed during the event (one landscape mural and one triptych produced during the event), as well as performed.

Here’s what we looked like:

Josh, canoodling with a microphone. Me, blurrily keeping time with my body as a metronome.

views from the wall

My personal favorite pic of Josh! The Staircase view, through Lydia Hollifield’s installation

A good view of us and the t-shirts we both independently decided to wear that day.

as always, check out our music at our bandcamp! Although most of the tunes there are mostly Peter’s productions, we’re currently working on a full length, featuring (almost) all the songs you can see us performing above. Expect some news to drop soon!