Me and Josh are hard at work on our full length. The Currently untitled haha, Radical full length at least has a tracklist.

1) How to turn the Human Body Into Modern Art
2) I Am Who I Am (late nite decree no. 57)
3) love song without a barrier
4) Gangsta Haunted Beat
5) Jigsaw Peace
6) Home is…/I Still Am Who I Am
7) sayin it
8) pleeeeaaaaase
9) Gospel Blues
10) Livin Eyes Closed
11) Let’s Keep It Simple
12) High Cues
13) The Outer Universe (chills)

and we also have a free live album you can listen to and download over at our bandcamp! It has two tracks from our forthcoming LP on it! You can also hear Gospel Blues and download it over at the page selling Peter’s novel! [update 4/16: we may rerecord them, and they may not appear under the same name. Tentativity, y’all!]

Title and album art to come, as well as a release date and party time!!!