Home is a place where I can sit.
Home is a place where I can trip and catch myself in darkness,
Home is a place you love to find,
And the unkind will hurt you, but the
Home will not desert you.

When we roam the palace dome,
We always find some other tomes
To enliven all our cell phones, I mean atoms.

Our cell phones are atoms vibrating in this dome.

-Sometime in June 2011, in the afternoon.

Jeremy was talking on the cell phone in the other room, and I recorded this poem to end Lilac Inferno‘s most recent recorded song [with video mashup footage by the author composed of a skateboarding dinosaur morphing into two minutes of kitty porn and atomic bomb testing footage].

It later found its way into the music me and Josh made, as the electrified opening to “I Still Am Who I Am”, recorded alone in a garage but later repurposed with acoustic guitar decorating its outro, the poem introduces the return of the prodigal son.


I’ve since performed it at a couple open mic nights, and more memorably at a spoken word parade where I got the chance to perform with my bandmate Josh, but not as bandmates, as a house band inviting a random spoken word guest to the stage.

We both knew what home felt like a little bit better when I performed the poem.