“The Devourers are the most accomplished merchants in the universe.

So accomplished indeed, that they only sell trash.

This is necessary, since the Devourers occupy all their cunning perfecting their methods of selling without an instant to spare in considering the worth of what they sell. Indeed, they dare not concern themselves with such matters for a moment for fear of losing their golden touch.

Yet, such are their shills that their wares are utterly irresistible — the finest wares in the universe — if you follow me?

As you might readily deduce, The Devourers possess all the mightiest magic garnered from the many universes whilst their assualt groups are led by the most aggressive wizards imaginable supremely skilled in all methods of battle — be it wits, feelings, or the beweaponed body.

The Devourers set up shop in a new world, then entice the bravest and most adventuresome and supplest of its people — who have so much imagination, that with just a touch of suggestion, they themselves do most of the selling themselves.

When these are ensnared, The Devourers deal with the rest of the population — meaning simply that they sell and sell, sell trash and take good money and even finer things in exchange.

All of this is very bad, gentle son, but natural enough in the order of the universe. However, there is worse to come.

The Devourers want not only their patronage, they want ALL of their customers reduced to a state of submissive suggestibility, fit for nothing but to gawk at and buy the trash The Devourers offer for sale.”

from Fritz Leiber’s story “Bazaar of the Bizarre” adapted by Howard and Chaykin and Mike Mignola for #3.

I think I’m gonna read it instead of rap during a song at the next Radical performance!