I think I finally found a purpose for this blog. I’m sure you’ve noticed it shifting forms every post from haiku to hip hop or comics commentary, with some science fiction and self-promotion in between, and for any readers I have had, thank you!

seriously, seeing that hits button go up, especially because people are clicking on the links with text on ’em has been a huge inspiration, and, well, I just have to say: THANK YOU!!! even if you didn’t read it, and were just interested enough to skim through it.

That said, I am kind of obviously doing this more for my benefit than yours, as most people do most things, and I have a new selfish purpose inspiring my writing: to better enjoy the comics, music, and books that I already own.

I know, I know, you want me to post more half naked pictures of andre, or talk more smack about Kanye West, I know what my hits go up for, y’all. I have the search engine terms [and I hope the “green Lantern ice cream” keyword searcher found what they were looking for].

And I probably will, along the way, because when I get writing, it’s like a fire’s igniting.

And here’s the timber it’s going to start with: every book and comic I already own. See, I ain’t got a lotta money, and it’s becoming less and less it seems, each month. So, in order to make everything seem new again, I am going to attempt to reread everything I own, read some things I own for the first time, and I’m going to mention each thing here. Mostly in capsules, I bet, but sometimes in large chunks of writing.

I hope you’re ready for haha, Radical books reports! New course in Radical Hoodlummery is beginning!