from the shelf #006, we have

which is a science fiction comic set in a very similar world to that of The Post-Mortal: we have incredibly overcrowded streets leading to the hyper-aging of these two street urchins on the book’s cover, Atari and Oliver, desensitized to absolutely everything, especially the smell of human feces.

And, yet, they don’t lead a bad existence because of it. One of the short stories has them find (well, steal) a bicycle for a couple hours, and the pure elation that they have riding it is hard to describe. And when they actually happen upon some money, well, whoo-ee:


It’s a good thing artist and artist Sonny Liew doesn’t spend much time describing it, often washing it over in pure watercolors, or a very good synthetic style originated from watercolors, more properly.

from the stinky fish blues
Yep, in the back he reveals that he pencils each page, then digitally scans it to ink and color it in the same moment, and it’s astounding to see such control over the texture of each page.

from the lead story
but just as the characters never get bogged down by the overcrowded, and poor, nature of the future,  Sonny Liew does not simply use his digital tools for the impression of a kid’s watercolor.

malinky comics page
Although there isn’t only one shift in style. As much as the future demands lack of space, different styles jut out quite often, sometimes with a self-described “Jeffrey Brown influence”,

malinky indy comics
he also takes on 90s muscle is all pastiche very well, and the whole book is a journey across styles. With a host of plots that just meander to a picaresque ending where nothing has been gained or learned, and a handful of titles and pre-production art developed in between the book, it’s clear that we are seeing a portfolio for a wonderful comics release that has a chunky couple of stories in between.

The context makes this painfully more clear: the xeric grant winning assignment from Sonny Liew, he produced one more floppy comic after worrying about that stuff, but now Image has done a fine job assembling all the initial bits and pieces: a full length awaits!

which is what will really change the world. There’s sketches of this world from the artist who blogs about watching Blade Runner once each year, but here we don’t quite get to see a whole story. It’s like a treasure map, and something I put off finishing for as long as I could.

Here’s to a future which can skirt these limitations!

2013, y’allll!!!!!