I’m about to open a comic shop at a flea market! Trader’s Village San Antonio, to be precise.

All those comics you’ve seen me blog about? You’re gonna be able to buy em. And, what’s even better, is you can rent em if you live in the area, too! I don’t quite know my space yet, and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to stick to the March 9th, simply for issues of not having the time off of work, and for having a typo on the printed legal permit I need to collect sales tax, but updates will be posted. Call me at (832)928.7871 if you’re trying to make it out there.

Thank you for your interest in



For just twenty bucks, you can take home twenty dollars of books with you!

You also have the option of returning the books, and, barring any great change in condition, you can take home twenty more dollars of books!!!

You can repeat this process three times, at which point you receive TEN DOLLARS of credit!
Buy a book (or ten) for yourself, or enroll in the library again!

And, if we never see you again, it’s just like you bought twenty dollars of books from me! You can even think of it as a trial period where you just check out books you eventually want to keep.

The only thing we ask is for an e-mail address so we can check up on books after a month has passed, see if we should think about replacing them in our library. And, if you want us to keep your library visits on paper, we can do just that, too, so you don’t have to keep up with a card. Or why not both?

Thank you for checking out Gotham Newsstand! Hope you find something you like!

Sincerely, ptr

PS I’m hard at work on a digital inventory. It may take a week or maybe even two, to finish that document, but it is almost done.