While organizing the comics for my upcoming business launch, I was struck with a pretty big conundrum: how do I sort all of these beauties???

It’s pretty commonplace to sort every title alphabetically, and that is the practice you see in almost every comic shop’s back-issue section (although their trades always seem to be a little bit different. More on that later).

I don’t like that model.

It makes some series impossible to find. Is “Amazing Spider-man” really in “A”???? Whereas most other spider-man comics are in “S”? Same thing for Detective Comics, so much more legitimately marooned away from the sea of comics to which its narratives relate.

More than just making people looking for Batman comics in the B section find it incomplete, I feel that it does something else: it completely ruins the synergy that some comics have when placed together. Casual comic fans might not know that Infinity Gauntlet, a massively popular mini-series that goes in floods and droughts of differing value depending on how publicly Thanos is displayed, is known by many. And yet, the series that was way overprinted and that still resides in danky comic shops around America is Warlock and the Infinity Watch, completely separated from its narrative antecedent.

I wanted to end all that segregation.

To find a solution, I simply needed to look beyond the comic book back issue bins. Most stores would sort trade-paperbacks by genre, by author and creator, and sometimes by character. No way would “Best of Spider-man vol. 3” find its way closer to “Batman: Son of the Demon” rather than “Spectacular Spider-man vol. 4”. No. They want to present you with the full complexity of the greater narratives where these comics belong.

I feel the exact same way. No more of this alphabetecized, inhumanely sorted labyrinthe. My store is one for readers, not collectors and scavengers.

And here’s what my longboxes are gonna look like.

Cosmic Marvel and Sci-fi comics that aren't for kids longboxes
with a detail of the “ALIENS VS EVERYTHING”

aliens vs everything detail form sci-fi longbox

And some crime comics that aren’t for kids (and thus photographed in less light)

Crime Comics That Aren't for Kids

The kid’s comics, one of four kid-focus boxes at my store, including superheroes, action comics (war, spooky stories), cartoon and franchises (which this one is), and collectible ones.

Kid's Comic Longbox!




Some of my indy super-heroesIndy Super-heroes longbox

And mainstream heroes get love, too. Only the first Daredevil ongoing fits in here, a shortbox handles all the comics and trades after that point that Gotham Newsstand can currently offer.

Daredevil longbox [that only fits the first ongoing, of course)

And a box for Julius Schwarz DC heroes, Adam Strange and the Atom also have some comics in there.

julius schwarz created heroes box

But that isn’t what’s most important to share.

The Best part is I just got mailed the official documentation allowing the shop to open up!

the official permit

And it’s really hard to see, but there are the actual words “GOTHAM NEWSSTAND” that a government printer gave to the world.

a very out of focus pic of Gotham Newsstand printed officially