Well, it’s here. The (as of now freely downloadable) debut album of haha, Radical.


Recorded between August 2011 and May 2012, this collage of home recordings and synthesized sounds is the product of a playful approach to making music. we made many, many messes, and this is our museum, finally opening up every exhibit at once. Some are one take live recordings which cannot be mixed any other way (The Outer Universe (chilllllls), Sayin It Out Loud, Jigsaw Peace, Let’s Keep It Simple, all the numbered haikus).

Others are more carefully programmed and recorded sounds with a high sophistication of developed and processed sounds vibrating in space (pleeeeeeaaaaaase, Gangsta Haunted Beat, Give it up, Tupacolypstick), and still others are somewhere in between (I Am Who I Am, love song, Livin Eyes Closed, home is…/I Still Am Who I Am, How To Turn The Human Body Into Art).

Please, allow whatever scene of space to overtake your perception of the songs, though. Imagine the room they would be playing in, perhaps the feel of the headphones as another song begins and suddenly any sense of place vanishes.

The album is too long for a single audio disc, so please download the album for free! it’s the only way you’ll be able to hear it until we can produce a double album pressing on vinyl!

thank you so much for listening! Be on the lookout for our next release, Untitled Hustler, in the fall!


Josh Glenn composes and performs the music (with the exceptions of Give it up! [both], pleeeeeaaaaase, and Tupacolypstick).
Peter performs electric and acoustic poetry, conducts and records with narration, and mixed, engineered, and curated the album. He plays the pen and the piece of paper on i am who i am.
Eric Bell performs electric guitar (with none of that overdrive nonsense) on Give it up!, Let’s Keep It Simple, I Am Who I Am, and #78-#1, as well as some tambourine hits on the same jam.
Sammie Vee produced the beat for Give it up! as well as performing organ.MINUStheEGO contributes vocals to “Give it up!”.
Donatella composed and produced “Tupacolypstick” and “Give it up! (ferrrrrrreal)”.
joesnackpack composed and produced “pleeeeeeeeeease!”
Jeremy Aulden took the album photo, processed by Josh and Peter, and played some great synth (alesis Micron, to be exact) on “Livin Eyes Closed”.

We sincerely hope that Spoon will forgive Peter’s phrasing of lyrics from “Paper Tiger” on “Give it up!”, Beethoven will forgive our phrasing of his Moonlight Sonata in “Let’s Keep It Simple”, Jay-Z will forgive our sampling from “No Hook” and Kevin Barnes for his interruptive “HEY” from “Bunnie Ain’t No Kind of Rider” in “Tupacolypstick”, and, finally, Dimitri Nabokov our phrasing of “Pale Fire” from his father’s poem in “Give it up! (ferrrrrrreal)”.

If any owning the rights to these materials wishes our freely downloadable album to remove them, we shall comply. hit up haharadical@gmail.com.