Thank you all so much for reading on here, now allow a post of shameless self promotion.

The first book in my sci fi slacker epic The Search For The Sacred Vandal has gotten a deluxe, second edition! With a new cover!


(mostly because I forgot the password and cant order any more of the first book!!!)

Anyways, you can buy it online right here, right now. I made a trailer for its initial release. Check it!


“I never told people to put safety pins into their faces.”

He has also “made a thoroughly psychological study of discoteques around the world”, and shares it, among other words, with Dick Cavett as well as all of us.

A Thousand Islands
I will dress in merriment
Before ships pass on.

a haiku inspired by 1000 island salad dressing and my own life.

“Here on Bizarro World, rather than make you laugh, clowns make you cry.”

from “THE ORIGIN OF BIZARRO WORLD” in World’s Finest #181, which also has a great Bizarro story.

the best might be the first, but the rest have great band music between segments.

Which kind of makes it sound like a Frank Zappa song, that precise bebop mania coupled with his wisdom, only occasionally parodizing himself. You know, his tunes, just minus the guitar solos and the singing parts of his songs.

Still might be more profound, though. There’s a family interview with Dweezil and Moon Unit (she dances to Heavy Metal, having first danced to Stravinsky in her youth) at 9:30 that starts being familial around 14:30, and doesn’t really stop.

Definitely watch it for the first interview, though. That one is classic.

zappa plays zappa cover
I saw Zappa play Zappa! Read the rest of this entry »

We learn in Strange Tales #131 that his astral form, as seen below, travels at “the speed of thought”.

drstrange joel harris fan art
art by dfbovey and colored by joel harris