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for some info about the novel, here’s’s description of the book:

A scifi story told from a droid’s perspective that begins life as a surveillance camera and becomes an incredibly violent and powerful robotic penguin by the novel’s end. And I do respect the word “novel”. You know, something that treats you like you were smart, that isn’t a waste of time, and one that didn’t read like an audition for a movie script, but something that needed to be text. Indeed, the more difficulty one would have in filming it, the more successful this novel would be. Peter composed this novel for haha, Radical at first during breaks from work, and then in excursions to the park, where most of its words were conceived in front of a gigantic monolith a colonizer placed on the land. Nature had overtaken the metal in beautiful ways, boasting many budding flowers.

and here’s some info about the author:

Peter Hensel began his writing career unable to finish novels. Many rap songs lay as consolation prize to the errant novelist, who now performs on stage with language the same way Charles Mingus plays with bass, or piano. It’s gonna swing you. It’s gonna confuse you. It also smells like it came from the future. This story represents his most sustained effort at maintaining a fiction to date. Classroom workshops where the seemingly ambiguous gender of narrators led to impassioned controversy, as well as the idea that a fabricated museum curatorial document could pass as a “short story” led many to helpless confusion. The author sat silent as he remained unable to comment on his own work, knowing that what he was saying wasn’t quite what the world was hearing. After forming the band haha, Radical, Peter actually finished his novel. Who knows why?

And here’s a marathon performance by ptr and Josh of Gospel According To A Robot.

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